Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Like The Lights #3 - Available now!

I am happy to say I have finished and printed issue #3. This one is once again band photos and is focused on basement/DIY type space. 28 pages, full color. Photos taken between 2002-2008. You can get these from me for $5 or mailed for an additional $2. Coming soon to local record stores hopefully.

Bands included: Drunkdriver, Ampere, Yamoto, The Agenda, Pressure, Since By Man, Warhammer48k, Vampire Hands, Graf Orlock, Empires, Phoenix Bodies, Ten Grand, MC/VL, Ultra Dolphins, Pukers, Lightning Bolt, The Vets, The Fugue, Knife World, Shotgun Monday, Ganglion, Formaldehyde Junkies, The Yoleus, Ettrick, Get Rad, Sound Salvation and Binges. Taken mostly locally at New Granada, Alamo House, OxxxxHxxxx, and more. Only a couple out of town shots.

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